Dr. Carol Learned


      I have known Julie personally and professionally for almost ten years.  She has taught both of my children and is an exceptional educator with over twenty years experience. I have always known her to be attentive to details, oriented toward service, and very good at planning and organizing.  These qualities together with her compassion and motivation makes her an ideal educational consultant. Naturally, when my son, Boston, was searching for a university his junior year in high school we turned to Julie to help.  Not only did she help Boston decide which college would be best for him, she accompanied him on the tour making sure all the right questions and  concerns were addressed.  But most importantly she made it a very enjoyable and a positive experience for him.  He came home  informed and excited and ultimately chose to attend that 


Choosing a college can be very stressful and overwhelming not just for the student but for the family as well. Julie definitely has the skills and compassion it takes to help in this very important process.

Gabby Mastrocola


Mrs. Wilson helped me with my college applications by answering any questions I had and giving me advice on what to say and how to word it.  She also helped me create my academic resume that contributed to my college application and securing a job on campus.  I really appreciated her guidance and all she did for me.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone. 

Danielle Isaac


Mrs. Wilson helped me through every step of applying to college from deciding which college was best for me to picking out the professors for the classes I’d be taking. She taught me how to fill out a FAFSA, sat with me to fill out applications to scholarships she showed me, helped me organize all the information for my college applications, helped me put together my first resume, figured out with me which classes I should register for at college, and countless other tasks I had no idea how to do on my own. Mrs. Wilson was able to teach me and aid me in ways that no one else had, not even my guidance counselor. Because of her, I was able to apply to and be accepted to the University of North Florida with a tremendous financial package instead of settling for the junior college I planned to attend.