Educational Consulting & Guidance

  • Provides curricular and extracurricular guidance and tutoring.
  • Provides holistic educational guidance and support services in a convenient professional location. 
  • Provides personalized college matching services based on a comprehensive analysis of academic evaluation, interests, unique talents.  
  • Provides 1:1 and small group college application and planning services. 
  • Provides college resume & essay writing assistance, editing and support. 
  • Establishes timelines for effective application management. 
  • Reviews financial issues and process in regards to college including FAFSA & CSS Profile. 
  • Assists in securing letters of recommendation.
  • Creates dynamic vocational and academic resumes. 
  • Manages college applications, requirements and deadlines.
  • Plans college tours and visits.
  • Assists students with the final college decision and planning. 
  • Provides scholarship guidance. 
  • Reviews and teaches effective test taking skills. 
  • Provides 1:1 and small group SAT & ACT tutoring and conducts practice tests.
  • Provides tutoring for any age in a variety of subjects including American Sign Language. 
  • Facilitates career research, application skills, interview skills and vocational planning.
  • Provides individualized educational services for all students.

Services locations can be adjusted to meet to needs of the student and family. Digital services can also be provided.

Free Consultation Appointments



Individual: $65.00 per session for 8 sessions. $520.00


Individual: $62.50 per session for 20 sessions. $1,250

Elite: Up to 2 sessions a week for one calendar year.  

Individual: $30.00 per session. $3,000

Group SAT/ACT Classes 12 hours: $350

Group SAT/ACT Classes 4 hours: $120

Group College Application Classes 4 hours: $120

Group College Application Classes 6 hours: $180

Group College Application Classes 12 hours: $350

Group College Application Classes 18 hours: $500

A la carte Services: $120 Hourly 

*All packages include unlimited correspondence.

*We recommend 1-2 sessions per week. 

*Our sessions are 55 minutes each, but they can be longer based on the student needs.

(Longer appointments billed by the package/session hour: 1.5 hours = 1.5 sessions)



Refunds cannot be issued for services booked online, but applied to a different service or class.